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ASKO D5894 Panel-ready Dishwasher

In 1991, I purchased an ASKO dishwasher that ran 20 cycles per week without repair.  In a kitchen remodel, I bought the D5894 so I could purchase the separate white door as I hate stainless steel in my kitchen.  In short, I love this unit even more than the last.  The center each is the most versatile invention ever.  From cups to shallow pans to long handles spoons and anything less than five inches tall, this is the best space imaginable.  Further, half of it is removable and tall vases and pitchers can fit in as well.  Beyond the 15 programs, all wash and dry temperatures can be individualized to accommodate any items inside (Including my eggshell thin Baccarat glassware. Last, it is so quiet that a toe-kick light changes color to indicate if it is operating and when it is finished.  If you have the cash, buy only this unit: it is the ultimate in dishwasher.



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REVIEW: Wolf Gas Range R366


Wolf Gas Range R366

The 36” Wolf gas range comes in a number of different configurations so that each unit meets the specific needs of its end user. The Wolf R366 range top fits six dual gas burners. The Wolf R364C range top features four dual gas burners and a charbroiler in the center. And the Wolf R364G features four dual gas burners with a griddle in the center. The unit can be had in either natural and liquid propane gas, depending upon your set-up and household specs.

Reviewing any all-gas range is hard, because it’s a design that has been around for eons and is unlikely to change. Feature sets are pretty consistent across the brands because, lets be honest, there are only so many things you can use a range for.

That being said, there are some things that set this range apart from the rest. The build quality on this Wolf range is superb. Standing back and looking at it now, its presence is unmistakable. It truly looks like a range that means business.

And it is. The Wolf range features their signature porcelain-coated cast iron grates. The solid brass burners below feature automatic re-ignition, should the flame go out. A stainless steel drip tray below rolls out for easy cleanup of spills.

Wolf Gas Range Front R364GFor those who opt for the griddle, it is a step above the rest because of its use of an infrared, thermostatically controlled burner underneath operating at 18,000 btu/hour. It holds the correct temperature evenly across the surface the entire time it’s in use.

For those who opt for the charbroiler, it is hands-down the best on the market. It utilizes a radiant porcelain plate with holes, which burns at 1700 degrees F, allowing you to sear food perfectly. Any food that may drip down on the plate is incinerated at these temperatures, making cleanup virtually non-existent.

Below the Wolf range top is a large-capacity convection oven. The oven features an infrared broiler, interior lighting, and three adjustable oven racks, giving you plenty of space for all of your cooking needs. Each Wolf gas range comes with adjustable stainless steel legs with rear casters, making it easier to move the range when needed.

Optional accessories are many, including a porcelain-coated cast iron wok grate, stainless steel island trim, and a full-extension ball bearing rack, among others.

The Wolf gas range is a serious machine, for those serious about their cooking.

Pros: Innovative griddle option, restaurant quality infrared broiler, extremely well-built American product.

Cons: Oven ignition uses glowbar instead of electric, which causes a small delay in ignition.


Extend the Life of Your Household Appliances


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Just as your car needs its oil changed on a regular basis, your household appliances need TLC, too. “A few preventive maintenance steps will help you get the maximum lifespan out of each appliance,” says Dean Landers, president of Landers Appliance in Baltimore, Maryland. “Regular care also helps appliances function more efficiently and safely.” Learn how to keep everyday appliances in tip-top shape for years to come.

-Arrica Elin SanSone

REVIEW: Miele S5 Vacuum Cleaner Series

Miele Vacuum Cleaner S5 Series

Have you ever heard of the saying “build a better mouse trap and the world will beat a path to your door.”? Well, the fine folks at Miele, makers of the Miele Vacuum Cleaner have certainly taken this advice to heart.  Keeping their company mantra of quality in mind, they have developed the Miele vacuum cleaner S5 series.

It’s true that just about every vacuum cleaner on the market claims to have optimum suction; however, you should take a moment to examine these claims.  Did you know that many of the harmful microbial dust particles and allergens, which are sucked up into a vacuum cleaner, are released back into the air?  This is generally due to faulty air filter systems and low quality vacuum cleaner bags.

Miele has recognized these problems and has subsequently built “a better mouse trap.” The Miele Vacuum Cleaner – S5 series, which features 1200 watts of power, was designed to not only provide superior sucking power, but also to prevent tiny dirt and hair particles, such as dust mites and pollen, from escaping into the air.

The Miele vacuum cleaner air filtration system and Miele vacuum bags are far and away better than just about any other cleaner on the market.  By utilizing an Active HEPA filter, or High Efficiency Particulate Air filter, the Miele vacuum cleaner confines and holds onto any harmful lung damaging particles.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner S5 Series - Big Picture

In addition, the cleaner uses a “Generally Activated Charcoal Filter” to rid the air of any foul smelling odors.  Perhaps the best part about these filters is that they are designed to last for fifty hours of run time.  That means they only need to be replaced about once a year!

As if superior filters were not enough, Miele has basically reinvented the vacuum cleaner bag.  The Miele vacuum cleaner bag is a nine layer stronghold that allows dirt and dust in, but not back out.  This is because Miele Vacuum bags are comprised of an electrostatically charged material.  Dirt, dust, and pollen are then trapped against the walls of the bag, making escape virtually impossible.

This killer combination of unique air filters and Miele vacuum bags gives Miele vacuum cleaner the best clean air filtration system on the market. When combined with its top of the line suction power, why would you shop for anything else?




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Viking Outdoor T-Series Grill

Viking VGIQ Outdoor Grill

This superior addition to the well-known series of  (VGIQ) Viking grills adds space-age technology to solid reliability, providing a superb solution to outdoor meal preparation under all conditions. Features include solid, all-stainless steel construction, ease of operation and a full range of accessories. All equipment comes with a one-year warranty on the complete unit, plus  a lifetime guarantee against stainless steel rust.


Viking Built-in Smoker BoxYour neighbors and friends will be impressed by the rugged industrial design of your new Viking outdoor grill, and even more so by the superb meals that you can effortlessly prepare using a wide range of accessories. The grill top can be had on it’s own, for integration into outdoor cabinetry, or with a cart. The removable smoker box allows effortless smoking without the need for charcoal. In no time at all, you will have mastered the Viking grill’s well positioned controls and be wondering why people eat-out or take-in when they could save money by producing the same quality food at home.

Cooking Convenience

Using the wide range of accessories available on your Viking T-Series Super Premium Outdoor Grill you can prepare virtually any culinary masterpiece that you can think of. Flavor generator plates beneath the grill catch the juices and drippings, adding steakhouse-taste to meats while you cook and allowing for easy clean up. The Tru-Sear infrared burner is something no restaurant can do without. Allowing you to instantly sear the outside of your meat, locking in the juices and flavors. The rotisserie attachment will produce a perfect roast using the gourmet-glow infrared rotisserie burner and handy thermometer.

Viking Flavor Grates Viking Electric Ignition Button

Ease of Operation

Viking TruSear BurnerThe manufacturers have designed their range of Viking grills to maximize ease of operation, and cleaning up afterwards too. Electronic ignition ensures perfect firing up every time. Drippings vaporize on the Tru-Sear burner making clean up effortless. The porcelain-coated cooking grates clean up easily back to showroom condition. Beneath the easy cleaning stainless steel exterior, 29,000 BTU stainless steel burners provide all the cooking power you need to produce the perfect meal.

The Viking T-Series Super Premium Outdoor Grill is the superb solution to the serious outdoor chef seeking a long-lasting piece of equipment providing superior cooking performance.